👋 Hi! I’m Max Murphy. This is my page of the internet.

I’m not big on writing about myself; which is to say I have never been very ego-focused. But I must admit, I have done some pretty cool things in my life. A lot of my time on earth has not been focused on career development so I’m not someone who has worked at a bunch of cool companies, or been a part of trendy startups. Most of my time has been invested into my own personal development through reading, meditation, and most importantly; deliberate solitude. I always like to say “Through silence comes strength”, and I have been blessed to have spent so much of my waking time looking at life through an introspective lense. I want this site to be an archive of my personal and professional projects, a public journal, and an outlet for me to freely express my ideas. Feel free to follow along, as there is always more to come.